November 30, 2022

Massive Health Camp organized by District Administration and People Care Committee in the weekly market of the city
Health camp started by adding water to peepal plant
A large number of people from the city and rural areas reached for health tests

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Jia News: – Dantewada / Geedam,

Geedam: – Under the aegis of District Administration and People Care Committee Chhattisgarh, today a huge health camp camp was organized in the weekly market place of the city. A team of about 35 doctors reached this health camp. Here, other types of tests and tests including diabetes, blood pressure, blood tests, orthopedics, general examination of infant and child, pregnancy and other tests were done. This health camp was started by adding water to the peepal plant. Additional Collector Abhishek Aggarwal, who arrived here, also appreciated the initiative taken by the People Care Committee in collaboration with the district administration.

It is worth mentioning that the goal of conducting free health camps in the Haat markets and remote rural areas has been set by the Sixth People Care Committee in collaboration with the district administration. Due to which the villagers can get health tests and health facilities easily even in remote areas. In this sequence, the first free health camp was held in the weekly market of the city, in which a large number of people of the city and rural areas reached and conducted their health tests. Committee Chairman Suresh Yadav and Vice Chairman Om Soni said that just as the Peepal tree protects people, providing oxygen to human beings, similarly the Peel Care Committee has a resolve to set up health camps in Chhattisgarh. Health tests should be done to keep them healthy. If the support of the district administration continues to support the People Care Committee,

then every 15 days health camp camps will be organized in different places like remote areas, villages across the river, so that the villagers can easily get health facility in the inner areas. At present, it has been started in Dantewada district and further efforts are being made in other districts. Separate desks were set up for women in health camps. Sanitary pads were also distributed to the women who reached here for their investigation, and women of rural areas were also made aware of sanitary pads. Ankit Yadav said in the team of doctors that the women are being tested by the team of women doctors, the women of rural areas are also being made aware by financing sanitary pads. Along with this, other materials like coffee and pens were also financed to the children who arrived here.

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